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Very Fine Shin Shinto Japanese Samurai Sword Signed Kanetomo


Country of Origin:Japan
Blade Length:26 5/8" (approx.)
*Condition:Excellent (please refer to photographs)
Stock No:001741

A Beautiful Shin Shinto Japanese Samurai Sword Signed Kanetomo (Iwashiro?) Circa 1840. 

Shinogi tsukuri blade with 26 and 5/8th inch cutting edge. Choji midare hamon with pronounced ashi. Compact nashiji hada. Ko kissaki. The quality of this blade is extraordinary.

Solid silver “cat scratched” habaki. Nakago with two mekugi ana is ubu, sujikai yasurimei, fine Shin Shinto patina, two character Kanetomo signature.

This wonderful katana is mounted in a shira saya of the very finest quality with superbly executed sayagaki which exhibits a golden late 19th century patination. Condition of blade is in almost full old shashikomi style polish with no kizu of any sort.

This is one of the finest katana it has been our pleasure to offer to our discerning clients for Japanese art swords.

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