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A Magnificent Japanese Samurai Sword Katana Signed And Dated By Zenshiro Ippo


Country of Origin:Japan
Blade Length:25 1/8" (approx.)
*Condition:Superb Plus (please refer to photographs)
Stock No:001358

A Magnificent Japanese Samurai Sword Katana Signed And Dated By Zenshiro Ippo With Sayagaki By The Late Renowned Dr. Kanzan Sato Founder And Head Of The NBTHK (Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kiyokai) In Splendid Koshirae. 

The massive blade with 25 and 1/8th inch cutting edge is 1 and 1/2 inches wide. Superbly cut bo-hi. O-kissaki. The weight of this katana is truly impressive. Wild choji midare hamon with tobiyaki, ashi, and yo. Incredible nashiji hada sprinkled throughout with ji nie. Lovely high quality copper habaki. Ubu nakago with one mekugi-ana. Lovely yasuri. Eleven character Ippo signature. Fine chocolate patina with no pitting.

Ippo blades are excessively rare and rated 40KC in the Nihonto Meikan and jo saku in Fujishiro.

Sword is in its beautifully aged honoki wood shira saya featurng Dr. Sato’s masterful calligraphy and his personal appraisal of this incredibly rare blade. If Dr. Sato’s shira saya were not enough the Ippo is accompanied by a very fine and beautiful koshirae with shibui iron fuchi kashira, fine large iron tsuba with gold and silver highlights, splendid massive red copper kozuka with dark shibuchi overlay. Red roiro lacquer saya with striking silver lacquer striping. The effect of the koshirae compliments the splendor of the sword itself.

The Ippo is in full bright sashikomi polish with no kizu and even the finest and most minute details of a master sword maker. Condition of the shira saya and koshirae is pristine.

The finest samurai sword we have offered in many years and one of the rarest and most powerful as well.

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